Board of Directors

Institute Board Members, April, 2017:  Front Row (L-R): Rhys Stevens (Librarian), Dr. Constance Smith, Glenda Wong (Executive Director), Dr. Tom Strong, Dr. Helen Kelley, Dr. Erin Gibbs van Brunschot; Back Row (L-R): Dr. Nady el-Guebaly (Research Director), Dr. Seamus O'Shea (Board Chair), Dr. Cam Wild, Sandy Dougall (Advisor), Dr. Claudia Malacrida.

Board Members, April, 2017

Dr. Seamus O'Shea
Board Chair & External Member

Mr. Alexander (Sandy) Dougall

Dr. Erin Gibbs van Brunschot
Associate Professor & Department Head
Department of Sociology
University of Calgary
Ph (403) 220-6500

Dr. Helen Kelley
Associate Dean
School of Graduate Studies
University of Lethbridge
Ph (403) 332-4403

Dr. Claudia Malacrida
Associate Vice-President (Research)
University of Lethbridge
Ph (403) 329-2738
Dr. Constance Smith
Professor & Chair
Department of Economics
University of Alberta
Ph (780) 492-3306
Dr. Tom Strong
Department of Psychology
University of Calgary
Ph (403) 220-3586
Dr. Cameron (Cam) Wild
School of Public Health
University of Alberta
Ph (780) 492-6752

Note: The Executive Director and Research Director are Advisory Members of the Institute Board.