Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

To provide training and mentorship including opportunities for candidate’s academic growth in an area of gambling-related research identified as needing development.
Areas of Focus:
Identified stakeholder, Board or researcher high priority areas.
Doctoral degree holders who are eligible to be appointed as a Post-doctoral Fellow  by one of the Partner Universities who provide evidence of existing research affiliation;  application within Partner University’s approved existing framework.

Deadlines: Open for application; negotiated start date.
Amount Maximum:
Varies – normally not to exceed $50,000 annually (may require supplementary source of funding support); plus up to $5,000 annual receiptable research expenses.

Timeframe Maximum: Two years.
Approval Process:
Direct application to Board with evidence of research associate and Partner University support.

Application Content Requirements: Information on associated research and affiliations; rationale and expected research benefit of the appointment;  three letters of support from research affiliates.

For additional information please contact the Institute's Executive Director Glenda Wong. Email: