Small Grants

Submitted by hongy1 on Tue, 05/03/2016 - 11:05am

The purpose of the Small Research Grants program is to enhance the ability of researchers to conduct gambling related research. Research funding could, for example, be used for the development of pilot projects, annotated literature reviews, instruments or questionnaires, or the administration of a survey. See Grant Opportunities web page for information about applying for a grant.

Title Principal Investigator Status Year Funded
A Comparison of Attentional Biases by Preferred Gambling Activity: An Eye-Tracking Study (S42) Dr. Daniel McGrath In Progress 2016/17
Sex Differences in Cross-Priming for Gambling among Stimulant Users (S43) Dr. Daniel McGrath In Progress 2016/17
Public Stigma of Gambling Disorder: Attitudes toward Gambling and the Effect of Labels (S39) Jennifer Prentice, Leanne Quigley, Dr. David C. Hodgins, & Dr. Keith S. Dobson In Progress 2015/16
Problem Gambling in Individuals with Schizophrenia: The Role of Cognitive Deficits and Effects of Working Memory Training (S40) Ms. Briana Cassetta In Progress 2015/16
Using Custom Built Board Games and Video-Game Level Editors to Measure the Impact of Theme and Medium on Risky Decision Making (S41) Dr. Craig Chapman In Progress 2015/16
Preliminary investigation of loss sensitivity (S37) Dr. Aaron Gruber Project Complete 2014/15
Knowledge translation in gambling research: An overview of what we know and where we need to go (S38) Dr. David Hodgins & Dr. Terri-Lynn MacKay Project Complete 2014/15
Using reach behavior to measure the role of information, ambiguity and experience in a gambling choice task (S34) Dr. Craig Chapman Project Complete 2013/14
The evaluation of an Internet-based self-directed motivational enhancement intervention for problem and pathological gamblers (S35) Dr. David Hodgins & Ms. Jennifer Swan Project Complete 2013/14
Chasing the loss: Factors that predict within- and between-session chasing in gamblers (S36) Dr. David Hodgins & Mr. Igor Yakovenko Project Complete 2013/14
Pathological gambling and schizophrenia: Themes, correlates, and mechanisms of dual-diagnosis (S30) Mr. Igor Yakovenko Project Complete 2012/13
The psychological and behavioral impacts of casino design (S31) Dr. Claudia Steinke Project Complete 2012/13
The organizational delivery of problem gambling treatment services (S32) Dr. Gabriela Novotna Project Complete 2012/13
Customs, cravings, and compulsions: discourses of addiction in popular and professional media (S33) Dr. Tom Strong Project Complete 2012/13
A case study of bingo regulation in Alberta (S28) Dr. Garry Smith & Dr. Kate Bedford Project Complete 2012/13
Tools for the analysis of multi-player poker games (S29) Dr. Christopher Archibald & Dr. Michael Bowling Project Complete 2012/13
Individual differences in reward-based memory enhancement (S27) Dr. Esther Fujiwara Project Complete 2011/12
Neural and behavioural mechanisms of risk sensitivity in gambling (S24) Dr. Marcia L. Spetch Project Complete 2010/11
Recovery from problem gambling as a couples' project: A literature review (S25) Dr. Tom Strong Project Complete 2010/11
Assessment of cognitive distortion among problem gamblers: Knowledge transfer project (S26) Dr. David Hodgins Project Complete 2010/11
Calling their bluff: Investigating the accuracy of skill assessment among poker players (S23) Dr. David Hodgins Project Complete 2009/10
Motivational interviewing and solution-focused counseling for problem gamblers: Prevalence and considerations for a mesh of clinical and administrative discourses in Alberta (S22) Dr. Tom Strong Project Complete 2009/10
Development of a Web-Based Self-Directed Treatment for Pathological Gambling (S21) Dr. David Hodgins Project Complete 2009/10
Literature Review: Progression of Women's Gambling Behaviors into the Realm of Problem Gambling (S20) Dr. Noëlla Piquette-Tomei Project Complete 2009/10