Library Materials

The Institute's partner libraries are developing a comprehensive collection of gambling literature. The three libraries are collaborating on collection purchases, with subject emphases as follows:

Note: You can use The Alberta Library Online to search all of the province's public and academic library collection at once. Also, provides a similar service for global library collections.


Library catalogues can be searched in a variety of ways:

By Subject Heading

The following Library of Congress Subject Headings are a useful starting point when searching for library materials related to gambling. Click on a Subject Heading to find items available through theUniversity of Lethbridge Library.

By Title/ Author

When the name of a title or author of an item is known, a title or author search can be useful for locating additional materials.

Example Title Search from the University of Lethbridge Library catalogue:
Review of the Gambling Literature

Example Author Search from the University of Lethbridge Library catalogue:
Alberta Gambling Research Institute

By Keyword

A keyword search is helpful when you are not sure what search fields to use. Keyword searches are more inclusive than other search methods and are likely to retrieve a greater number of materials.

Example Keyword Searches from the University of Lethbridge Library catalogue: 
gambling studies
gamblers and alberta

* Once a useful gambling-related item is located, remember to look at that item's subject headings that will allow you to search for related materials.